Best Free Cloud Storage Platforms in 2020

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage services models generally help in data transmission and remote storage systems, where the data is maintained, managed, backed up, and easily accessible through internets. Earlier with the introduction of this service facilities over the web were payable and high cost couldn’t make it spread widely because of operating expenses that made technology more expensive. Nowadays it available free due to improved data encryption and more than 10 GB storage capacity in most trustable sites. It offers a simple way to store and move data securely and safely. 

Cloud storage works by allowing a clients pc , tablets or smartphones to send and retrieve files online to and from a remote data server. Cloud storage helps businesses with major data storage needs to save a significant amount of space and money by eliminating the need for storage infrastructure on business premises. 

 10 Free Cloud Services : 

1. Google drive : 15 gb free 

2. Mega : 50 GB free

3. Dropbox: 18 GB  free 

4. Degoo: 100 GB free 

5. pCloud: 10 GB free 

6. IDrive- 5 GB free 

7. 5 GB

8.Apple iCloud: 5GB free 

9. Media fire

10. Microsoft OneDive: 5GB free

Advantages of Cloud Services : 

1. Cost : purchasing physical storage can be expensive, cloud storage is exceptionally cheaper per GB

2. Accessiblity : helps to easily access files over internet 

Disadvantages of Cloud Storage : 

1. Internet Connections : additional costs for uploading and downloading files 

2. Support : support for cloud storage isn’t the best if the free version is being used 

The Cloud Services could be the next evolution in the radically changing way enterprising and managing IT . It would be severe understatement to say that cloud storages have generated high interests in the marketplaces . But it is a budding in large arenas and helping in gain storage in it .

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