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Top Free Article Submission Sites List 2019 | Article Posting Websites

Let’s get your brand online presence and increase your sales. SEO is the best way to attract online people to visit your website. If you are thinking how can I get a better rank for my website then don’t worry keep reading you are in the right place. There are many ways to optimize your website rank, Today we will be covering one of the best methods to get high rank for your site. The article submission method will help you to get do-follow backlinks for your website. We have covered the top free articles submission sites list in this article. Submit your article to article posting websites and get the credit on Google, Bing and any other measure search engine.

what is article submission in SEO? How Article submission help in SEO?

Article submission means writing useful content about your brand, product or services and post it on various article submission sites. Based on your content topic you can give a backlink to your website landing pages.

Article submission and backlinks are like word of mouth in our traditional marketing term. The more website and brand talks about your brand, product, services more you get high rank on top most search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. Article posting sites help you to get that word of mouth strategy ready for your brand. Read more about backlink at what is a backlink in SEO article.

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what is an article directory?

Article submission directory is a directory where you can submit your article, content and get the do-follow backlinks to your website. This is similar to the directory submission sites. Getting the backlink from high PR blog submission sites is the best off-page SEO techniques.  There are four types of article submission directories

  1. Free Article Submission Directory
  2. Paid article submission directory
  3. High PR article submission directory
  4. Instant approval article submission directory

How To Submit An Article To Article websites?

Every article submission website has its own instructions which you have to follow while submitting your article on article submission sites. Visit the URL mentioned in the below article posting website list. Find the registration option, It can be available in the header menu section or maybe in the footer menu section. Register yourself or your business there and start posting your article. Some article posting sites can have a direct option to submit an article. There are some article submission sites with the instant approval process. Each free blog submission sites have its own approval process in a place which will take around 48 to 72 business hours to approve your post.

Before you select the site for guest blog posting you should check the high DA article submission sites from out given list. Write an article that is related to your business niche so that it will easier to connect your business or services there are get the backlink.

Here we go with a great list of free high domain authority blog submission sites 2019

Politicalkeeda – Paid article submission site.

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  1. 123articleonline
  2. A1articles
  3. Abilogic
  4. Academia
  5. Adarticle
  6. llthewebsites
  7. Amazines
  8. Approvedarticles
  9. Apsense
  10. Area19Delegate
  11. ArticleCity
  12. ArticleCube
  13. ArticleFactory
  14. ArticleSide
  15. Articlealley
  16. Articlebiz
  17. Article-Buzz
  18. Articlecatalog
  19. Article dashboard
  20. Article doctor
  21. Articledunia
  22. Article-hut
  23. Articlejoe
  24. Articlekit
  25. Arctic monkeys
  26. Articlepole
  27. Articlerealm
  28. Articlerich
  29. Articles.Gappoo
  30. Articles.Howto-Tips
  31. Articlesbd
  33. Articleseen
  34. Articlesfactory
  35. Articleside
  37. Articles list
  38. Articlesphere
  39. Articlestars
  40. Articleswrap
  41. Articlesxpert
  42. Articlicious
  43. Articlization
  44. Axs
  45. Becomegorgeous
  46. BiggerPockets
  47. Blogsome
  48. Boredpanda
  49. Bpubs
  50. Brighthub
  51. Bubblews
  52. Bukisa
  54. Buzzfeed
  55. Buzzle
  56. Bysharing
  57. Cgidir
  58. Constant-content
  59. Datasoftsystem
  60. Dime-co
  61. Directory.r-tt
  62. Dzone
  63. Easyarticles
  64. Easy-Articles
  65. Edarticle
  66. eHow
  67. Evancarmichael
  68. Evernote
  69. Ex-Designz.Net
  70. Ezinearticles
  71. Ezinemark
  72. Ezinepost
  73. Feedsfloor
  74. Free-Ebooks
  75. Github
  76. Go Articles
  77. Helium
  78. Homebiztools
  79. Howtoadvice
  80. Hubpages
  81. Ideamarketers
  82. Imfaceplate
  83. Infobarrel
  84. Inspire
  85. Isnare
  86. Justpaste
  87. Kinja
  88. Kiwibox
  89. Ladypens
  90. Lets Diskuss
  91. Libervis
  92. Livejournal
  93. Magportal
  94. Marketmyarticle
  95. Medium
  96. Merchantcircle
  97. Mymedicenter
  98. Nehoiu.Org
  99. Newsvine
  100. Onmogul
  101. Openarticles
  102. Otherarticles
  103. Playbuzz
  104. Powerhomebiz
  105. Pr4-Articles
  106. Presszoom
  107. Prleap
  108. Prolinkdirectory
  109. Pusha.Se
  110. Rlrouse
  111. Seekingalpha
  112. Selfgrowth
  113. Simplysearch4it
  114. Sooper Articles
  115. Storeboard
  116. Storify
  117. Streetarticles
  118. Thefreelibrary
  119. Themanager.Org
  120. Thepr.Au
  121. Thewhir
  122. Thewhir.Info
  123. Threadwatch
  124. Tongshu.Net
  125. Top-Affiliate
  126. Tradove
  127. Tumblr
  128. Uberarticles
  129. Upublish.Info
  130. Wattpad
  131. Web-Source.Net
  132. Webwire
  133. Wesrch
  134. Wn
  135. Work911
  136. Zimbio
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