Best Digital Marketing Company In Pune | Digital Marketing Agency In Pune

best digital marketing company in Pune, digital marketing services in Pune

Best Digital Marketing Company in Pune | Digital Marketing Services in Pune

We are the best digital marketing company in Pune with a wide range of digital marketing services in Pune. Our expertise includes but not limited to PPC Campaigns, Search engine optimization (SEO), Social media marketing (SMM), Email marketing, SMS marketing, WhatsApp Marketing, Content marketing, Website design and development, Affiliate marketing etc.

Our standards in digital Marketing applies advanced technology to give your brand the required online reach and visibility among competitors. Our diverse studies and reports endorse the use of Online Marketing as one of the most effective, efficient and ROI based tools to reach out to a target audience.

Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Pune – Place where you will find all types of digital solutions to your business.

If you are in the search of best digital marketing agencies in Pune then we are the answer to your search query. We at Techchic understand the customer business nature and based on the primary research we plan of strategies for digital marketing. Our explicitly approach to make your business footprints into digital marketing in Pune market.

How to Select Best Digital Marketing Company in Pune?

For an every businessmen who wanted to start business presence on the online platforms. He will be looking at the company who provides best digital marketing services in Pune. With the huge demand and competition in the market for online marketing company in Pune. How someone out of digital marketing industry decide on choosing the professional digital marketing company in Pune. We have listed some helpful checks for businessmen to select digital marketing firms in Pune.

First and most important thing you should look at company online presence and traffic sources. Use these tools for the same: SEMRush, Ubersuggest
Social Media Impact
PPC Campaigns track record
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
SEO Of own site

Whichever digital marketing services in Pune you are looking for, you should check the credibility of the company to check their track records in the same field.

Digital Marketing services in Pune:

Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important element for website ranking and search engine result. Techchic takes care of SEO while building website . There are more than 1.5 billion websites across the world where newly developed website will compete with. Website will be synchronised and displayed in search engine result, according to the category of business. Has your website traffic come from Google, Yahoo, and Bing Search engine? Can your user find your website on a Google Map? Is your website on first page of Search engine? If you are struggling to answer these questions then, you are at right place. Techchic Software Solutions is expertise in Search engine optimization.

The Process we follow:

Analysis of your current website & your competitors.
Registering your website into Top Search engines directories.
Use of Meta tag.
Building quality content.
Use of webmaster tool.
Indexing website to popular search engines.
Creation of sitemap.
Use of Google for business
Google Analytics.
Mobile responsive.
Backlinks to website.
Off Page SEO.
Performance Management.
search engine optimization process

Social Media Marketing:

The process of skyrocketing traffic on the web site and a focus through social media sites is termed social media selling. Social media websites help customers as well as businesses to communicate with one another. Promoting through social media is more customised in terms of targeted audience as compare to generalised promotion and advertising. Nearly 76% of business in today’s world uses social media selling. The social media selling websites act like e-word of mouth and permits customers to re-post the comments on the product or services being marketed via social media selling. Social media platform gives an opportunity to interact with prospect customers by answering to their questions. Are you confused and thinking about how to achieve this through social media? Choose Techchic Software Solutions as your social media expert.

Techchic Software Solutions specialties are as below:

Selection of Best Platform according to business.
Making Attractive Profile.
Frequently content sharing.
Sponsored advertisement.
Adding Social media Buttons to your website.
Social Media application integration.
Expertise in: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+.
Insight analysis and report management.

PPC Campaigns:

The World is becoming digitalized nowadays. All traditional things are coming on internet. Along With this changing scenario marketing term also changed by time to time. Traditional marketing/ cold calling is completely dead in today’s era. Digital marketing is the new weapon to get closer to your prospects. You have an online product/ services but still struggling to get more customers. You have your website but prospects don’t visit your website. This is happening due to lack of awareness about your product and services. Don’t scared about your business future just have patience and hire Techchic as your digital marketing partner.

Techchic Offers:

Choose best platform/ web place to display advertisement.
Google AdWords.
Yahoo/Bing ads.
Pay per click.
Pay per thousand impression.
Ad designing.
Ad variations.
Monitor performance.

E-Mail Marketing:

We are expert in email marketing, custom email marketing, Bulk email marketing. Techchic Software Solutions experts has wide range of experience on email marketing tool like Mailchimp.

Process we follow: 
Choose best E-mail platform.
Bulk e-mailing.
E-material designing .
Use of Mailchimp tool.
Report tracking.

Affiliate Marketing:

It is also called as commission based advertising. There are so many websites who intent to advertise product or services on their portal for commission based earning. Techchic Software Solutions implements your affiliate marketing program with wide range of web portals that are keen to promote your products/Services.

What Techchic Offers:
Design Affiliate Marketing Material.
For e.g. Text ad, Image ad, Banners, Videos etc.
Design commission module for affiliate program .
Track performance.


Text Messaging:

Techchic Software Solutions has high-end experts in Text messaging. Text Messaging is the best way to convey your message to those who are not connected through internet.

What Techchic Offers:
Create attractive SMS message.
Bulk SMS.
Targeted SMS Marketing.
Report Tracking.


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